Web View Kiosks

Milan Kiosk Etelu

Kiosks are the ideal choice for today’s sophisticated healthcare environments.

MediLocator app icon

Our MediLocator app is now available on kiosks. Improve the patient and visitor experience with customizable kiosks. Kiosks increase efficiency and patient satisfaction. Patients can easily check in, perform payment transactions, access their health records and get help with wayfinding through the often complicated layouts of medical facilities. They can incorporate various patient identification devices such as electronic signature pads, PIN pads, ID scanners, and even biometric devices.

Features Include:

Boston Kiosk with Etelu Web View

Kiosk with identification devices and scanner.

Find a Doctor – The app features all contact info for your doctor so that you can call them or will help you navigate to their office

Find a Clinic – The app enables you to locate all clinics that are available in your area and will navigate you right to it.

Find a Building – The app enable you to locate your building within the geographical area of the hospital and we will navigate you straight to it.

Record A Doctor – Patients can now record their Doctor’s instructions so that they can be reviewed at a later time or emailed to caregivers or loved ones. This new feature will help patients and their caregivers ensure that Doctor’s instructions are followed.

Parking – Check out the map to identify all public parking areas and to get information about each.

Transit – Use our link to find out transit stops and routing times.

Other Items include:

  • QR Code Scanner
  • Accommodations – visitors can find accommodations close by for any budget
  • Cheer Cards – send your loved one a Cheer Card to lift their spirits
  • Email Patient – Keep in touch with your loved one via email
  • Emergency Room  Wait Times – user can use their smart phone to check ER wait times
  • Events Calendar – check out the local wellness events that are hosted by your local Hospital
  • Financial Services – If you need help with your bill we can connect you with right people to talk to.
  • Food Services/Cafeteria – Find Food Services in the Hospital or other that are close by
  • Gift Shop – provide info on the gift shop to make easier for the user to purchase
  • Donations – enable the end user to make a donation via their smart phone when they are compelled to do so
  • News – find out the latest information on the hospital
  • Patient Surgery Smart Tracker – find out the progress of your loved one’s surgery
  • Pharmacies – find local pharmacies
  • Web Nursery – see a list of all babies born in the current month
  • And more…