Etelu Signs 9 Hospital Wayfinding App Deal with PeaceHealth


Rosemarie Francis, Etelu
(360) 969-0118

(Seattle, WA – May 20, 2013)  Is in-building mapping the next big thing?  Seems like there are some companies already betting on this.  Washington State Company, Etelu has just signed a Deal with PeaceHealth to provide their 9 Hospitals a PeaceHealth App with In Building Wayfinding.

Now patients or family members will be able to navigate themselves from their front door directly to a patient room, department, cafeteria, or anywhere within the hospital.  “It is all about the patient experience. We think that this is one of the next big waves for healthcare and retail we wanted to be in front of it.” Rosemarie Francis, CEO Etelu. Other features include find a doctor, find a building/clinic, find a lab, cheer cards, web nursery and patient SmarTrack board which allows you to monitor your loved one through surgery on your device.

Utilizing their MediLocator™, CampusLocator™ and RetailLocator™ App platforms customers can create Apps that help their customers, patients, or employees navigate around the walls and campuses of large institutions. “We can apply this to retail and track a user’s location inside of the walls of a building. The ability to guide a customer straight to a product could have huge benefits for retail.” Rosemarie Francis, CEO.

Etelu is a full service mobile development company and is currently in talks with other several large organizations that are interested in the MediLocator, CampusLocator and RetailLocator App platforms.  For more information on Etelu email or visit


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