How can your delivery system use mobile technology to improve patient access, satisfaction, efficiencies, and increase profitability? By redefining how you engage with patients in the way they engage with the world…through their smartphone.

The use of smartphone apps is fast becoming a leading way for healthcare leaders to engage and interact with patients and those accessing services. Today’s patients expect increased access combined with ease of use. The days of scheduling an appointment, receiving instructions in the mail, and then following written directions to the facility are long gone. Patient’s today are scheduling online, viewing ER wait times, live tracking OR cases, and receiving turn-by-turn directions from the moment they drive onto a campus. And they are doing these all on their mobile devices.

Etelu collaboratively works with hospitals and healthcare facilities to develop custom wayfinding navigational smartphone apps that integrate a full suite of services, access points, and ancillary needs. The app provides patients and visitors real time, turn-by-turn directions enhancing their experience while improving your bottom line.

Your Etelu app is fully customizable to meet your unique needs. And, it’s safe. Etelu does not track or store HIPPA data nor does it track or store financial transactions or data. There are no concerns regarding a data breach putting your patient’s information at risk.

Your smartphone app has a high return on investment, both financially and with key medical resources. There is a direct correlation between smartphone app use and a reduced number of missed or late appointments and procedures.  Your app can also encourage and track in house cafeteria and gift shop sales and donations to any 501(c)(3), such as your foundation.

Some features of a typical hospital wayfinding app include:

  • Patient rooms
  • Hospital departments
  • Parking lots
  • Cafeteria
  • Physician directory with contact information
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinics